What our clients say about us

SWT Paper AB

Mathias Frenzel, Process and Product Development at SWT Paper AB:

Sheer Systems UK provided the software system for a new line from Wood & Stirling Ltd. They understood the whole process, the importance of low scrap levels and of operator ease of use. Together with Sheer Systems and Wood & Stirling we created a process that out performs the standard solutions on the market.

The normal start up time for this type of line is 3 to 4 months. With Sheer Systems’ help we were able to start production a few days after installation completed. After a couple of weeks of production we wanted some changes. Sheer Systems were able to complete these remotely, and in a very short time, so that with their help we were delivering good product to our customers much sooner than is normal.

I would choose Sheer systems as a supplier of systems for future machines even though they are located in UK. I feel I get better quality and support from Sheer Systems in UK than from local suppliers in Sweden.

Emerson and Renwick Group

David Arkwright. Electrical Engineering manager, Emerson & Renwick

We have used Sheer Systems on numerous occasions since 2015. The scope of work we required varied from fairly small modifications to existing equipment, to complete designs for large scale production / process equipment. We have always found Sheer Systems (Paul) a great engineer to work with, and his extensive experience in many fields of industry has benefited both ourselves and our customers.

iTech a Booth Welsh Company

Chris McComb & Ian McCartney, Managing Directors at iTech

Sheer Systems Ltd are an excellent partner. Their ability to deliver extremely technical motion control solutions is market leading. We have had a valued partnership for over 10 years and throughout that time they have excelled within every project with a professional, efficient and successful outcome. Their commitment and attention to detail is second to none. We continue to collaborate with them closely on technical servo systems and value their input.


Sheer Systems is a highly competent and reliable partner that we can recommend to customers with even the most demanding technical requirements. With their wealth of technical experience, attention to detail and attitude of partnership with ourselves and our clients we can be assured of the best possible outcomes for projects in which they are involved.

                    Engineering Ltd

Sheer Systems are our first choice for control system design & support, especially on more complex projects. They work with us from specification to commissioned machine, showing a complete understanding of our requirements. When their control systems meet our machines there are no surprises. They support us through test and commissioning with 100% successful projects. They also provide excellent post sales support for us and our customers as well as low risk machine upgrades as requirements change.
One of our customers had Sheer System’s software independently inspected. It was rated as one of the best the inspector had encountered. Doel Engineering Ltd has and will continue to recommend and use the services of Sheer Systems Ltd.

Frank Doonan - Newport Controls Ltd:

Paul’s technical ability on project applications is excellent. His ability to design and construct an electrical control system from the base upwards is a major asset to Sheer Systems Ltd. Having worked with Paul, firstly as a customer and also as an associate, I know that his overall knowledge and experience is of the highest standard. His particular knowledge of PLC Programming and Electronic Drives/ Motor controllers for many different platforms is a very strong reason, why potential customers should work with Paul.
A particular example where he excelled was a project that contained a very complex, high speed multi-axis drives system, the drive parameterisation and coding to link with the PLC’s was undergoing major re-development by the hardware supplier. The application involved huge involvement with Paul’s overall drive control capabilities a key aspect to its success. The structure and layout of the PLC code was prepared in a way that made it easy to support and train engineers who would work with the machinery. 
His commitment and loyalty to any particular project that he works with is unquestionable. I would have no hesitation in working with Paul in any project. The more complex and advanced the project, the more likely I would be to use Paul.

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